Linking to Very Good Post about Douche Waffles (you don’t eat them)

Below I’ve linked to what I believe to be an excellent post in which the author says a lot of things that need to be said that up unto this point has not been. I’m sure she says what a lot of us are feeling but in being the bigger person, we bite our tongues. It does make a person weary to always have to rise above. My son informed me recently that there are people that go on YouTube searching for videos that don’t have an “dislikes” just to dislike them. This same brand of genius also comments “bacon” on any post that suggests compassion for animals. It is so very deeply moronic and indicates to me an cavernous emptiness in the lives of people who say and do such things. When it comes down to it, I do feel sad for the offenders because it is really pathetic to find enjoyment or value in that. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be such a low version of a human. However at the same time, those people exist in the real world, the same world my children will inherit. Sometimes I comfort myself with the idea that my children don’t really run in circles that would expose them to such depressed, dull-witted troglodytes. But that’s not true. This type of hateful idiocy runs rampant in our society. My children will drive on the roads with them, sit in restaurants with them, attend the same cultural events as them and possibly even have to hire them. Indeed the businesses that run our country are rife with this type of person except they needn’t resort to internet trolling to cause their damage. It is unfortunate that the climate of the internet cannot be changed so that personal attacks are not expected or accepted, because I believe that behavior is now becoming reflected in “real life.” The world would be better if people could view differing opinions as a way toward progress and not a cause for wishing death upon others. Or at the very least, can’t we stop getting joy from trying to utterly destroy a person’s emotional health? I mean really, this lady wants to help you can your vegetables not murder your children.


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